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sleepsleep is the simultaneous existence between our shared reality and individual dream space reality. it’s seeing the deep webs of life, its endless amount, and length of pathways. love, destiny, choice, conviction, truth, death, volition, coexistence, perspective, balance, acceptance, perfection, being, all. an infinite flow, an infinite meaning ROCK, TRAP, ELECTRONIC sleepsleep is a true artist and Eagle Scout...when he walks into the room, people stop. he's the Front Man of our generation. he's an outlaw, a natural rebel, one no one truly understands, but all think they do. his artist expression flows within his veins, bleeding out through his tattoos and into his music and voice. everything he touches is original and free, legit and dope as fuck. sleepsleep was one of the starters to alternative modeling in LA being signed with NEXT Models. sleep is also the giver, always there and making sure everyone's content. WE LOVE YOU sleepsleep

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