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My name is Dow Jones, Im from North Philadelphia. I have 4 mixtapes out as of right now, released under The Name Steven Q. I got that name in school because of my glasses. I left Philly in 08 after some trouble with the law and joined the Navy. I did two years in the Navy and transferred to the Army..I know crazy. Im nearing the end of this contract and Iam going to be doing music full time. My first mixtape..though it was rough was The GarawgeBand Files Pt. 1 Hosted by DJ Cocoa Chanelle, The GarawgeBand Files Pt. 2 Hosted By DJ Killa Touch, and The GarawgeBand Files Pt 3. The last one I put out was Pt.4 Drunk Words and Sober Thoughts. I have since focused on not only mixtapes but doing complete songs with hooks etc. I have spent the majority of the last few years bouncing from country to country. I have been every where from Japan to Syria. Im a father of 4 but I rap as well as I parent. Music has always been my escape ands my dream. I've done enough for my country it's time I do something for me and my family..which is become a full time artist.

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