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Deondre Battle, who goes under the stage name “Kookie Child”, first started writing songs to cope with his emotions. In January 2020, he decided to record his songs and to share them with the world after receiving his first laptop. The name “Kookie Child” was given to him by his family as his mother was given the nickname “Kookie.” His family would call him and his brother “Kookie Children” and so he coined the name “Kookie Child” as his stage name in honor of his family. Since then he’s released his debut EP “The Life Of Dre '' which reflects his life as a teenager in high school and he also plans on releasing his debut album sometime this year. He doesn’t like to curse in his music because he sees it as being disrespectful towards his elders and also because he feels that you should be able to convey your emotions and your thoughts clearly without having to curse in your music. And so, he looks up to the artist “NF” who doesn’t curse in his music but can still convey his feelings through his music.

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