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Born in the inner city of Colorado Terence Griffin aka.BIZ DA GRIFFIN was raised in the New 2000's. He is the sibling of two Valerie & Nathaniel parents are Tandra & Farrish. They eventually separated & and his younger brother passed away from Complications of downsyndrome.... Dealing with these things and having no outlet instead of gangs & criminal activity he turned to music and basketball. Two of the things he loves the most.... For high school he went to different Denver & Aurora schools with excellent grades. Trying to make there basketball teams like the west cowboys were he was 3rd in the district!...Unfortunately he had a hard time making other high school teams. Outside of school he made the minners an AAU team. Starting to take his music more seriously. Upon graduation he missed out on scholarships for basketball. He picked up his writing. Writing more and more music letting people hear him and becoming more serious about his music. Eventually making his debut studio single (HEAVY LOAD) STREAMING ON ALL PLATFORMS. This is big for him and his song is doing pretty well....He has had multiple shows and one of his big shows was the Denver Inauguration March and he has a major performance coming up for the pregame at the superbowl in Tampa Bay... He has a up coming EP. Called "YEAR OF DA GRIFFIN" COMING OUT SOON!!!.... In the future HOPEFULLY being the most successful rapper coming out of Colorado......Thanks for your time & ear..... MUCH LOVE BIZ DA GRIFFIN.
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