coast 2 coast
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Gods Disciple Gangsta Soldier and of His Universe!!! Blazin Universe ?? n Free Larry Hoover A Gangsta Disciple of this world!!! About God n put Him frst n foremost!!! Daughter to Verdon Israel also Gangsta and Disciple of God and Larry Hoover RIP and Sharon She Devil My Husband William Marly Wo Johnson!!! Then my 3 Kids Naphtali Danielle Benjamin n Granddaughter Derelle Amora!! N Aunt to Joshua Azi N Lazarus!!! Sister to Orpah Israel and so many more!!! And auntie to Se’lah Eternity Israel!! And Aunt to Michael Sapp Israel my Sister n Elton Baby boy who got gunned down 6 yrs ago born June 25th and if Gods will be at BET Weekend with my 5500 Boss Niggas getting money where’s it Sunny!!!! ALL IF GODS WILL N AT END HVING GANGSTA PARTY IN GODS NEW HEAVEN N EARTH!!! Dropping the ??/ Mike figurative n literally a dream come true by God wishes n prayers granted by Gods mercy Se’lah n let Da church say Amen!!! KURTESY of da Lord of Hosts like my Papa say !!! Exclamation point pooh when making a statement yall dummies!!! Change is now!!

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