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Hey everyone my name is Pasha!! I was born in Ukraine and raised in US almost all of my life. I grew up loving music, playing guitar, singing, but never thought I’d be able to do something with it. Few years pass and I found myself addicted to drugs and alcohol and money. That lifestyle almost landed me in prison for a long time but through different circumstances, I ended up with a contract to promise to pay a certain amount of money every month until what I owe is paid back. I’ve been working full time as a mechanic and doing side-jobs cutting hair and also mechanical work for a few years now trying to make it by somehow and right my wrongs. I started writing again as an escape from reality and a therapy as well to clear my thoughts and mind. I performed a few songs in front of my friends and they encouraged me to start recording and publish my music. And now here we are. I’m not doing this for me, I’m doing this for everyone who believed in me when I didn’t.

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