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Wudddup! I go by Laughing in Bad Situations a.k.a. LiBS and I hail from the small town of Zion, Il. I grew up listening to every kind of music and I started writing music at 9, hiding them as poetry books until I was in middle school. After highschool I had my first performance in a small bar called Mr. B's in North Chicago. From there I joined the military where I served in the US Navy for 9.5 years. Throughout that time, I developed my talent as a recording artist, studied producers and engineers and, gained experience performing live. In 2015, I came to New Orleans and the following year, released my first single LTH ft. T-Quan. The year following that I had 2 children and took a break from my music career and focused on my family and military career. In 2021, I exited the military and began to pursue music full time. In this time, I released my latest single, La La on Apple Music and Spotify. Though, my journey has just begun, I bring a sound that is seasoned and experienced. I hope you're ready for the unique and in-depth style of Laughing in Bad Situations.

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