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Skitta-Skat has been in the music industry since 11 years old, born and raised in PG County, Maryland. Skitta-Skat grew up watching his older brother & cousin pursue their dream in hip-hop under the wing of Jane Jackson Harley, daughter of New York radio legend Hal Jackson. Their dream didn’t work together so she put Skitta-Skat in the group with his older brother, they then began traveling to states such as New York performing in legendary venues Cotton Club, The Sugar Shack, World famous Apollo Theatre. Los Angelos to perform at conference’s in front of industry executives, Atlantic City, London, England, DC, Virginia and more. Crafting them to not only rap but also act as well, Skitta-Skat and his brother throughout the years would continue to perform in their hometown, The DMV, release songs earned them nominations in the 2009 DMV Awards for “Best Group” and also in 2019 The DMV Titan Awards for “Best Group” and “Best Video”. During the shutdown of Covid Skitta-Skat entered in Chris Gotti’s ADDventures Music “Freestyle Friday” competition and won several earning him a distribution deal with Chris Gotti. Since then Skitta-Skat has released his single “Sky High” under the distribution label and has garnered over 50K streams on Spotify. Skitta-Skat is working reach higher levels of success!

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