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Brilliancy and the consistent spirit to excel are the words that can accurately define Daniel Cantrell. Born in Las Vegas New Mexico, curiosity took the greater part of Daniel at a very young age and as such, he got involved into a lot of things. But something was constant for him, fate would always bring him around music and its business. Growing up, Daniel had it in mind to create and own a record label. This yearning was greatly inspired by the inhumane treatment of artistes by existing record labels. In his plans, he wanted to bring the legitimacy, teamwork, and putting music before money back to the forefront of music industry. Giving no chance to mediocrity, Daniel officially created his own record label and it got LLC incorporated and took the step to discover talents that could change the face of the music Industry. He discovered a budding artist who he met at the store, discovering her potential he decided to work with her and they ended up with win an award for number of streams of her first album. This further spurred Daniel and his record label to pursue excellence. greatly inspired by the situation around him and his experience has known no bounds as he has infused this drive into his record label that it has now become a haven for young and budding acts who are ready to take on the music industry thereby, starting a collective of artists to mentor and learn from each other as well as teach others as a way of bringing back the togetherness of community and helping artists of every medium have a place to display their art. Daniel’s hot blend of consistency, hard work, and his strength continues to depict his unique style as a force to reckon with.

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