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Catalyst born Lamont Alexander, in VA 1983, grew up in the streets of Norfolk, was inspired by so many things that he had came across which he found interesting and fun.As a child, I always did things I loved which were dancing and art(drawing). My main objective in life was art(drawing), in which was a gift of talent that I was blessed with and passed down from father to son. Later in my life I, advanced in my work of drawing, then started writing poetry, poetry lead to me writing my own lyrics and becoming an artist, and being an artist lead to me to working on my own instrumentals/beats. At the current time I'm looking to go back into school at The Art Institute of Tennessee-Nashville, for a (BA)degree in Audio Production. If your looking for beats, for your next hit single/s, demo, mixtape, or freestyle check me out @ Also you can check my first and only album out on itunes "You Can Get The Finger". Stayed tuned for future releases and collaborations on my site.
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