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My name is RahZhee Emmanuel real name no gimmicks. I was born in Youngstown, Ohio. Im the eldest of 10 children on my mom's side. I'm the second oldest of 11 on my dad's side. I also take care of my mom because she has lupus. Back in April 2020 I was shot in my left forearm and in my chest from some dude tryna rob me and it definitely didn't go his way at all. I made it out that situation because the Lord has a bigger purpose for me. I feel it's so I can introduce the world to the next genre of music that I call Evolve Hop. Evolve Hop is the judge over Rap and Hip Hop. Artists like Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Hopsin, Jay Z, Kanye West, Drake etc etc are the best examples of Evolve Hop. Basically it's for artist who don't follow trends and they wanna bring a better message other than rapping about guns, drugs, females, money, cars etc etc all the time. Evolve Hop is where you can be free to be yourself with spacey, futuristic beats. It's not about tryna act all holy it's about necessary. Instead of saying, I'll kill a fool for that paper" such as rap and hip hop well Evolve Hop is more of, "I'll kill a fool ONLY if it's necessary". Nobody is safe Evolve Hop exposes gotta the degenerate people it doesn't matter who they are from government officials to regular everyday people. I know people are waiting for some great music where artists really take pride in their musical gifts. It's also for R&B too. People who wanna sing about real love, Soul music. Evolve Hop is the outlet to freely express yourself in a higher fashion. I also have a lotta music under the name Yung Pove Da Poverizza that you can Google. You can also check out my Evolve Hop YouTube page just type in RahZhee. This is just a little brief bio, I'll be typing all day.
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