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March 11, 1992 Julie Evans went into a painful 9 hour labor with her soon to be born son.But after the 9th hour...Tragedy struck, Her son got stuck on her pelvis and could no longer be pushed out.Sadly, He suffocated..And died. The doctors were able to pull him out and bring him back using a hospital method..Julie named him Jace and from that point on a miracle was born... Growing up Sparks didnt have everything..Living in the slums of apartments from ages 2-8.Living with his mother Julie and David his older brother of 4 years. AGE 3:...He started having a mind of imagination..Wanting to create and experience, Draw, Color..But he also had a big interest in music. He always listened to the radio while playing video games,Watching tv or just doing anything in general.. AGE 4:When Sparks hit age 4,He began drawing pictures and writing stories with them.He also payed attention to television and took from what he say off tv and onto paper..He would also write letters a lot onto paper..He Listened to how the mature elders around him talked and learned what everything and anything ment..He observed The public and people around him..Taking experience and learning about the economy and life itself In the 6th grade,Sparks entered a small freestyle competition against a fellow female MC(Name anonymous) and came out victorious..After that day,he knew he had something in him..Something good,something rare that noone else had.As he became older and his mind for his talented abilities expanded..He grew hungrier and more grind motivated after watching music videos,Freestyles,Interviews etc. At age 13,Spark's fellow friend artist(J-Rich),came rushing into his Sparks Grandmothers home with his first recorded tape..They both sat and listened to it..and from that Point on Sparks started recording with one small cd stereo playing beats in the background and a A_Track player with a built in microphone... People and fellow"associates"Laughed at Sparks lacking rapping ability at school,in the nieghborhood..Just everywhere..Not only did this just inspire Sparks to become better..It became apart of his "Fuck you,Im The Best Now"Style and attitude. At the age of 15,He joined a after school progam called K.R.U.N.K.E.D.4.L.I.F.E(Keeping It Real Thru Unity Non violence Kreativity Education and Determination).This program taught Sparks business classes,Intros,Verses,Hooks,Audio engineering and everything the perfect artist could ever learn.. When this program combined with time,grind,patience,hard work and creativity..It created a pure bred monster.. Now at age 18..Sparks has become a successful Young man,mentor,artist,and audio engineer.He plans to take his dreams farrr to another level..With a talent so rare

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