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My name is James Smith aka ‘Voiice’ / Donell Drive. I am a Rap, R&B artist. A producer, song writer. I was born in Cleveland, Ohio and raised in Washington, D.C. & Maryland. I graduated high school in 1998. I took up band in high school and graduated with a ‘B’. In 2000 I performed in a talent show at a mall called Forestville Mall In MD. I won and made it to the 2nd round! I started writing my own music in 2001. I then recorded my 1st mix-tape/cd in 2004. I didn’t have a title to it. But the material was really good. I’ve worked several 9 to 5 jobs like cashier, stock clerk, and dispatch truck driver. In 2005 I took up Business Management in an online college course. With the goals of having my own business someday. Then in I recorded my 2nd mix-tape in 2006 titled “From My State of Mind Too Yours”. Also in 2006 I went to a music conference in Atlanta, Ga. to promote that cd. I didn’t get the response I was looking for. But I didn’t give up or quit. So in 2009 I got back into the studio and recorded another mix-tape called “Passion For D.C”. I love recording music, performing music, writing songs and making beats. In 2011 I recorded another mix-tape titled “Raw and Uncut”. I have over 300 songs I have wrote so far. There have been many things that have come into my path to try and distract me. But I never gave up or give up. Because I know this is my dream of being in the music industry someday. I love writing music because, it's fun and exciting and to have people feel good about themselves from my music! I know I will make a big difference in somebody’s lives. Recording music is so live and energetic to the point. Where, when I put them head phones on. I go into another zone, like the music speaks to me. Performing music in front of the fans is a great feeling, a rush for me. I love to move the crowd. The energy is live, loud, amazing. I love playing music and producing music, I’m very artistic, I believe and I know that I will be great asset to the music industry. One of my goals are to sign talented people to the record label. And further my own Independent Record Label ‘Tha Don Records’. Ready to showcase my talents, my gifts. I am looking for talented people to sign. "Let this music move you, to where you want to be in life". I want to give back to my community. By opening up community recreation centers for our youth. Opening up music spots, like open mic nights. Having talent shows and music studios. Where talented, gifted people can come perform and display their musical skills. Or if someone doesn’t have the talent I can teach them the art of music. So I’ll be able to give people a career and not just a job in the music business. I am currently working on my next cd projects soon to be released Summer 2024. I truly thank you for reading this bio. I believe I will help make a difference in the communities. And in the world, all across these Countries. join.

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