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My name is Cemiyah and I am a single mother of 3 kids. I am 22 years old born and raised in Bradenton, FL. When I was younger I would always play around and freestyle in school but I didn’t take music serious until now. At home my dad made beats and we would freestyle together which made me musically inclined and he is a huge inspiration in my life which helped to grow into the artist I am today. I started making music about 2 years ago doing features for another artist named “MGN Exotik” and that’s when I noticed the potential I had with my music and I began writing and recording my own music. I shot my first music video for my single “LMSY” in March and now I plan to be consistent with my music dropping a new single every month until I catch the attention from the right person. Day to day I go through the struggles as a single mother which motivates me to go even harder to create a better life for me and my kids. I know my time is coming and I strongly believe I’m going to make it far in the music industry one day and my music is ready to be heard. So now it’s time for Miyaah to wake the world up because they sleeping on me and I’m going to do just that!!
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