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Artist Bio The Skavengerz is a rap duo consisting of two rappers, Zeek (Right) and S.B. (Left). Zeek, born in Harrisburg, PA and raised, as well as Steelton, PA. Learned about his Lyrical talent in the 8th grade, but never took his talents serious until being on his first deployment to Iraq. SB born and raised in Harrisburg, PA as well. Learned about his lyrical talent while in placement, and felt that this would be a great opportunity to prove hiself to the world and mis-believers that things in this world can turn out positive when in the right mind as well as the right time. The two found out that they were both related (cousins) as well as talented at rapping and decided to make music their life. SHOW THE LOVE AND RESPECT. WE TRYING TO MAKE IT JUST AS WELL AS YOU ARE.
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