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Able to express himself through rap, 24 year old Alonzo Cartier aka Numani used music as an outlet to cope with the challenges he faced growing up. As a young father from Port Arthur, Texas he lives by one motto to ‘Keep It Real’. “When I first began rapping I made a promise to keep my music as real as possible, to date I haven’t changed that, nothings fabricated or exaggerated, its 100% real”. Youngn found similarities to his life with a recent movie about Notorious B.I.G. “After watching that movie I found out that our lives were pretty much identical, except for the drug dealing & jail part (laughs)”. Youngn places his musical emphasis on his lyrics and you soon find this artist is an open book “When a person listens to my music they will definitely leave knowing everything about me” says Youngn, when I asked him about the rap industry and if this needed cleaning up he replied “That’s just rap it comes in the rawest form that’s why I love it, it’s just news”. Founder of Street Camp Entertainment, Alonzo Cartier is making waves with his entertainment company, providing a platform that can showcase some up and coming artists and provide them an avenue for expression, as well as mentoring many that come through the camp. “I have been collaborating pretty much with the Street Camp Movement and some other RnB artists” says Cartier. Not only does he mentor other young artists he is also mentored by one of the hottest producers in the game Averexx Harris. I asked Youngn what the key to success is, “Patience is definitely the key to this industry and something I use to struggle with, but once I overcame that its been smooth sailing ever since”. Youngn has also learnt to step out of his comfort zone when he went to Dallas to model for Axion Clothing “It was totally out of my element and I love things that are out of my element, it makes you realize you can achieve anything in life, just have to be determined to work to get it”. We all have someone we model our lives on, or are influenced by, so who would you say has been that for you? “I would have to say that Jay Z aka Sean Carter has influenced me, he pretty much has it all, and just like he says he is the blue print in this industry. I know he has paved the way for young artist like me to want not to just be slaves to record labels but have some kind of leverage” says Cartier. His music has taken him too many places including Virginia, California, Texas, Florida and Louisiana and he has globally caught the attention of many young ladies “They usually are drawn into my music more than the males for some reason. (laughs) don’t get me wrong I have a lot of hardcore male fans as well, but the females are just catching on faster at this point” (laughs). Next on the horizon for Alonzo Cartier is a record deal being his ultimate goal, and he realizes that everything else will fall into place, in his own words “It gets greater later”. But when I asked him how he wanted to be portrayed in the world his answer was simply “To be a great father” says Alonzo Cartier.

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