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The original NYS spitter! Representing from upstate New York to NYC ....humble, educated, anti- commercial MC!! Groomed in the age of the " Protect your Neck " era...when the art was at its best!! Born and raised in Utica, NY...Mall Grime has mastered his Craft while living the Art for over 20 years!! Traveling on his grizzly from state to state, Grime has never lost his purpose!! GRIME......Gifted Rich Intellectual Mind Everlasting.....teamed up with his family HANK HOMAGE out of Hempstead LI to bring to you original HIP HOP..with no false advertising!! No questions No answers No Models No Dancers No Fakers No Prancers No Commercial Rap enhancers!! A Mic Romancer on stage spittin darts from a Gauge clipping charts wit a rage I'll RIP YOUR HEART OUT IT'S CAGE!!!!

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