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Currently a Rockland County Native of Haverstraw NY, Desmon Th3 SLK Bonaparte was born and raised on the North Side of Mount Vernon NY and spent most of his time on the crime afflicted south side where her resided for a while in his later teen years. Growing up in a abusive household where his life was put in danger constantly by his drunken grandfather and dealing with the neglect of his mother due to drug use, Th3 SLK found his outlet through music. Tarnished relationships with family, Friends, His plethura of female lovers, as well as the passing of his mother in early 2007 Th3 SLK took the stage for the first time in his life and recorded his first LP under his previous monicur d-dollaz. Following his stints of homelessness, he learned that his Brother Pow had died in a park in the bronx after recieving bad drugs. 5 years later he has countless mixtapes and is geared to be one of the games most beloved artists. Always crafty with the ladies TH3 SLK (The Shorties Love da Kidd)woo's over female audiences as well as hood dudes with his grimey stories of his child hood and experiences.

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