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S-GOD was born in Harlem N.Y. during the early 80's. During his childhood years, both parents were heavily into music. Growing up with an African American mother, and his Father being Jamaican, he was exposed to R&B, Soul, Reggae, Dancehall music, Hip Hop, etc. This experience exposed S-GOD to different kinds of music at an early age. By elementary school his family noticed that he was good at expressing his feelings through the arts. His Mother suggested to place him in several different artisitic disciplines, one of them being music. The Boys Choir of Harlem was what followed next. While in The Boys Choir of Harlem, he was trained to utilize his vocal... read music... and play various instruments. While his newly found interests starting blossoming, so did the trouble that usually comes with young boys at this age. After numerous incidents, he was expelled and placed into public school (Louis D. Brandeis H.S.). He started to follow his older brother (Denz) who was an up and coming Rap artist at the time. He had to prove to himself that this is what he wanted to do. He started writing rhymes, battling other lyricist, and recording in local studios. While doing all this, he tried to work with a couple of local groups. But it was obvious that he was a little more advance than everyone else. People began to notice, and his name began to spread fast throughout Harlem. He decided to work on his solo career, and go through things on his own to truly understand himself as a person and as a musician.

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