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My name is Hassan and I am the owner of Boy Genius Entertainment. I am a music producer who specializes primarily in Hip Hop and R&B production. I also currently have a home recording studio where I have recorded and engineered songs for several artist in Denver. I was born and raised in Denver, CO. I have had a passion for music since I was 2 years old when my mom bought me my first keyboard. In elementary school, I was in choir and I played the trumpet. Around 15, my older brother bought a couple Roland drum machines, the Boss Dr. Rhythm 505 and the Boss Dr 202. He had also purchased a program called Cakewalk and a year or two later when the first Proppellerheads Reason came out, he purchased that as well. He didn't really use them a lot so he ended up giving most of it to me and thats when I developed a love of making my own compositions. I think what sets me apart from most is that I like to add a bit a cinematic feel to everything that I do music wise, I like to sometimes envision scenes from movies while I create because I want it to evoke a particular feeling or mood. My vision is to provide high quality, exclusive compositions, not only for music but for all forms of media such as film and video games. I update my SoundCloud ( often with samples of my work and instrumentals available for purchase so make sure to check back often. Contact me at and let me know how I can help you with your next song or project.

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