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Ladies and gentleman, introducing to you, in this corner…hailing from Atlanta, GA, he comes to you on a mission to take the hip hop throne with no fear… no mercy… future of rap- Khid Flo “The Bambino!!!” Edgar Herculano a.k.a Khid FLO is an innovative and dynamic rapper with a distinctive flow and lyrical combinations that knock listeners off their feet. As a child, Khid Flo was captivated by boxing legend, Muhammad Ali’s championship demeanor and attitude towards greatness. He uses this influence as he takes his journey to become rap’s newest heavyweight. Edgar started writing raps at the age of 12 but began taking the craft more seriously at the age of 14. Edgar did his first show at his birthday party in August of 2006 to an audience of 30 under the stage name “Uniko.” In mid-October of that same year, he was asked to perform at a Quinceanera for one of his friends. Edgar performed to an audience of about 500. The performance went on to be a success receiving a positive response from the audience and various compliments from his peers. In the spring of 2007, Edgar lost his interest in music due to various family issues at the time. But, in 2010, his passion would be reawakened. Edgar joined a rap group (SOS) after being approached by his long- time friend, Hector "Playboy G" Montelongo, in the summer of 2010. He performed under the stage name, “Monkey,” but in December, the group disbanded for various internal issues. Edgar decided to go solo and changed his stage name from "Monkey" to "Khid Flo.” Khid Flo released his first mix tape Fame on July, 27th 2012, and it has received favorable reviews from the listening public. Khid Flo describes his style as “old school meets new school.” He typically brings a cutting edge flow over laid back, soul infused instrumentals. The best attribute of his flow is the fact that it is unbounded and unconventional; He can switch it up markedly throughout a track. With influences such as heavyweight legends Tupac, Biggie, and Big L, as well as more recent artists such as Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Drake, he has been able to merge those different styles into one while creating his own unique style. Khid Flo is working hard to make his dreams of becoming hip hop’s newest rap champ come true by continuously writing, building his catalog, and making moves. He is currently finishing up two new mix tapes and brand new singles for radio. He is also gearing up for a string of performances and a summer tour. Witness the new sensation. This Khid is about to knock em out. Stay tuned. Visit for Khid Flo’s EPK.

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