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In today’s society, music is a focal point in most people’s daily life. The only difference is the genre. Whether its rap, R n B rock etc, at the end of the day, all music is a way of expressing one’s feelings. Hailing from Miami, Florida is Scotty Sterling also known as Scott; a new upcoming hip hop artist, with a unique style of rap. His innovative approach to hip hop music is the breath of fres h air that is lacking in the society. Being a poet at heart, writing has become second nature to Scott, and by listening to artist such as Eminem, Lupe Fiasco, Jay Z, Scott decided to fully commit and develop his musical skill at the age of 15. Now that Scott is 20 years of age, he has accepted is goal, and is determined to become the next hip hop star. Scott has a very unique skill; he has the ability to incorporate stories, with metaphors, and a touch of emotion, to make his style eccentric. He uses everyday situations in his work which enables him to relay his message to the listener. Scott considers his music real hip hop for the soul, meaning that at any moment a wide array of audiences can listen to his music can relate to it. Right now the hip hop industry is in a new transitional period, and with Scott’s Lyrical style, it will be a positive to the hip hop world. With his unique ability to adapt to any genre of music, Scott is able to branch out and create tunes for everyone, from pop all the way to rock/hip-hop. Although Scott is locally known, he has given himself a name, and with the right people at his corner, pushing and believing in his music, he will have a major impact in the music world for years to come. Scott has performed in Local clubs/café, stemming in Miami and Georgia. This is a new stage in his music, and Scott is what the music industry needs.

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