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J.Ford (whose real government name by the way is J.Ford) is an artist with the vision and scope to see beyond the monotony of being “just a musician”. Ford strives to construct his own musical craft as a forward thinking and thought provoking artist. ”As an artist you get to express yourself and be more creative, as a musician I feel that you are basically a work for hire, just playing what’s in front of you.” stated Ford. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Inspired by the verbal gymnastics of MC’s such as Biggie & Jay-Z, Ford describes his music as feel good music with relatable substance in the lyrics. Instead of giving in to the poverty and negativity of Philly street life, Ford is in control of his future and is committed to making sure the ills of his environment give him dedication and drive. “I see friends in jail or people stuck out here in the streets, I don’t want that for my family” said Ford. “I want to see changes for my life. So the harder I work in the booth, I know I’m stepping closer to my goal”. ------------------------------------------- His push for personal excellence and desire for more out of life sets him above many artists. With continued focus J.Ford will keep moving forward on the road to becoming one of the top in the game. J.Ford is seeking offers from major labels, magazine exposure, song features and production.

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