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East Coast raised yet West Coast affiliated Amiyr is bursting at the seams to give hip-hop and rap culture a taste of his ingenuous lyrics. Amiyr is an artist on the rise, learning and absorbing knowledge of the industry. Amiyr is persistent in making an impact on the rap world. His ultimate goal is to be successful while staying true to his morals. Music is his therapeutic outlet to express his thoughts on life. His morals were instilled in him during his up bringing, significant influence by his grandmother, mother and aunts. He grew up on the south side of Harrisburg, PA. As an adolescent he moved various times with his siblings and mother, to Virginia Beach and South Carolina. The absence of his father and strength of the women in his life is the driving force behind pursing musical dream. He is motivated by the lack of lyrical content in today’s main stream hip- hop culture and his family. Collaboration with seasoned and hungry artist alike Amiyr is a student to the game, soaking up knowledge. His lyrical style is symmetrical to other East Coast natives. Hip-hop artist who he admire are storytellers like Jay-Z, realist such as Big Pun, cleverness of Kanye, and poetic cathartic poetry of Wale. In his promising and bright future he would like to work with Smoke DZA, Juicy J, Schoolboy Q and others. Amiyr wants his legacy on music to be that his music is honest, pure and vivid picture of reality. Amiyr determination is relentless.

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