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Raised in the deep south, Mista Chaos has mastered the art of making songs. He was born in Newton Burg, Germany but raised in the streets of Shreveport, La. There, he witnessed first hand what real street life is. With numerous battle scars and unparalleled street sense, Mista Chaos truly is "One of a kind". Mista Chaos has been producing hot songs for the past 15 years and has worked hard to become respected as a true M.C. His influences are UGK, 2 Pac, Scarface, Eightball & M.J.G, Outkast, Ice Cube, , Kriss Kross and 3.6.Mafia . Mista Chaos now resides in Shreveport,La where he continues to press hard and is destined to become one of the greatest "who's ever done it.Contact at or 318-8208607 Dennis McCoy

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