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Cherrod Jones was born to the late Cynthia Jones who recently past on July 4, 2008. He was born on January 27,1986 he was the first of two sons. Cherrod aka Bunnyman orignally from Ruleville,MS better known as The Delta, but he later moved to jackson,ms and grew the rest of his life there. He started rapping at the age of 8 rapping in talent shows with his cousin. Bunny got his name from his older cousin Big Erica aka Big'E who died in 2007 bunny always had a special thing for music in 2000 Bunny started making a name for his self dropping his first album 9 lives. In the streets it gain lots of attention and respect to other local artists because of his ability to put words and real life situations together in a uniquely way from others Bunnyman became serious about his music and been on a hunt for a recording deal and that's how the beginning of his grind started.

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