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David Frederick is an 18-year old hip-hop artist, producer, and engineer residing in Denver, Colorado. At the time David is the sole proprietor of Colorado based Mile High Trill Shit (MHTS), as well as a member of one of Colorado’s fastest growing movements, Weird Musik. Within a year of the formation of MHTS, he has managed to accumulate tens of thousands of plays throughout the world without the release of an official project. David’s debut mix-tape, “Red Card District” is set to be release on January 1st, 2014, and highlights the Medicinal Marijuana culture, as well as exaggerates his point that he means business through creative wordplay, head-bobbing rhythms, and intelligent lyricism. The tape includes one self-produced single, leaving the rest of the production to none other than SkinnyMooxe. “Red Card District” is being sponsored by Greenman Cannabis, and thousands of copies are expected to be distributed. Keep in tune for this masterpiece of a project that’s a year in the making, and keep it trill!

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