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Bay Areas own independent/underground rap artist Relentless One has worked with famous legendary icons from Snoop Dogg to Tech N9ne, from The Jacka(Rip) to 2pacs Outlawz and many others, which has caused him to earn a name and build the foundation of an independent record label that many artist his age would envy and only dream of having. 13 years in the making still he stands at age 26 ready to take on the world and once again moving up with his success every year since he first started. The name says it all, "Relentless" he is to make his vision a reality and at this current moment his latest moves have caused all those who doubted his success to remain quiet as thousands of people wait to see the outcome and his final destination on this journey. His latest single is called "Jiggle It Remix" (basically is a follow up to his solo original version "Jiggle It" which was his first song to ever hit radio airwaves finally in June of 2014 after years of attempting to do so). This new remix version Features a brand new solid, custom and exclusive verse as well as a chorus from Snoop Dogg himself who worked along side with Relentless One live in the studio to make this soon to be hit record which is now starting to get great responses from the hip-hop community on a mass scale from both the underground hip-hop fans as well as mainstream hip-hop fans including majors names and labels in the music industry that can''t help but compliment this original sounding masterpiece. The single is becoming very radio friendly, even hitting mediabase charts already almost overnight. You can be sure to Expect to hear much more news about this artist all throughout the rest of 2015 and Beyond. Also look forward for the "Jiggle It Remix" music video also staring Snoop Dogg of course which is scheduled to begin filming on June 29th 2015 in Los Angeles, CA.

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