coast 2 coast
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The man, the myth, the phenom, the artist, the legend... Bullet D Gre aka Mad Maxx Bullet is, a Hansberry, G-town "Philadelphia native, born and raised. On the playground I used to spend most of my days... Until I picked up a mic!" Since the first grade I"ve been baptized in music. As a Shawmont alumni I have been subjected to all genres of music. Though hip hop is my genre of choice, I am able to write all forms. Been writing since the 7th grade when I linked up with life long friend and label mate, BlazePro. Tweaking my craft on street corners, lunchrooms, auditoriums, bathrooms, talent shows, playgrounds, buses, avenues, house parties, etc. Basically anywhere anyone would listen! Been in thousands of battles, countless shows, and pride myself on putting on for crowds. A member of multi talented Philly based label, Lions Den Records, formally known as LDS. I try and be a jack of all trades, so I dip in every field. Acting, music, modeling, radio, comedy, writing, poetry, and self proclaimed Psychologist !!! ctfu Because Fuck it, why not?! I hope u like the show... Maxx

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