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Ivan Daniel Mercado, whom you all know as Ivan Daniels was born august 19th 1989 of one Mayra Lopez and Ruben Lopez. He was born in Paterson, New Jersey. However, currently resides in Millville, New Jersey. As a child Ivan was exposed to and surrounded by all different styles of music. His love and passion has been with him from his earliest memories, beginning at the age of five. By the time he was eight years old, he had already written his very first song. From that point on the young artist knew that this is where his future would be. Ivan could visualize himself being a professional artist in the music industry. It is not just a dream for him anymore, but also his ultimate goal. Although he enjoys all types of music, his talents seem to surface when Ivan is singing, rapping, and song writing in the genres of R&B, hip hop, and urban pop. That seems to be where his heart is leading him. The solo artist tells us, “When you live in a small town, your options and opportunities seem limited.” He also says… “To pursue my dreams I have to break free from that small town mindset and think on a larger scale; I have made, and will continue to make many sacrifices to build a better life for my family, as well as myself.” At the young age of thirteen, Ivan suffered the tragic lost of his father. It was the shared love of music that carried him through. It was the one thing that he could hold onto. It was the lifeline that kept him from sinking in a dark hole of despair and hopelessness. Through his songs he realized he not only could help himself, but also bring hope to others. “The one thing that I want people to know is music is not just what I do-its who I am! There will be no turning back! The decision is final. Failure is not an acceptable option.’’ Said Ivan Daniel. I am under the impression that nothing will ever stop Ivan from accomplishing his pursuit of happiness. He is extremely determined and hard working. Sharing his music with the world is the one thing that means the most to him. His positive outlook and determination will inspire future artist and generations to come.

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