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Born in Washington, DC and a Native of Trenton New Jersey and now a Son of the Carolina’s, Apostle LaJaye’ Britt is a gifted, Talented and most of all Anointed Vessel of God that is always ready to be used for the service of the Lord.?? LaJaye’ has been given a array of talents he is an anointed Singer with a very unique style of his own, Songwriter & Recording Artist. A Musician as well, he started performing in bands at the age of 12 as Rhythm & Lead Guitarist. LaJaye has played with a host of gospel quartet groups which include his first recording with the Dynamic Six of Trenton, NY. as Drummer, The Hale Sisters & Many more. He has also set in with the Williams Brothers, Mighty Clouds of Joy just to name a few. It wouldn't be long before he would move from the back grounds to center stage becoming a Solo Act. Performing on stage has always been a passion and a deep love for the art is something he will always enjoy. LaJaye' has had the opportunity to perform on some of the worlds hottest stages in and around New York including Sweet Waters Supper Club, Justin's, The Worlds Famous Apollo Stage in 1994. He has been the opening Act for Industry Icons such as Yolanda Adams, John P.Kee, Sissy Huston, Boys II Men, R L, Ted " The Wizard" Mills of Blue Magic, & many others. He is also the former Leading Man for the County’s #1 Gospel Stage Play “ A Good Man Is Hard Too Find “ as well as the writer & Producer of his own Stage Play “ It Aint Over “ as well as a string of other stage plays. Being no stranger to the world of Ministry Entertainment he easily transitions from the pulpit to the stage and manages to keep the anointing in tack wooing and impacting lives whenever Lord allows. The Bible declares that your gift will make room for you and God has really opened doors for this Man Of God to flourish among some of the industries greatest icons. ?? LaJaye's latest project en devour takes him on a journey that he is use to traveling. His new CD Project with the first Single slated to be released in March 2013. His Single " Do What I Do " was written & produced by him, co-writer his daughter Shaliyah Verdun and co-produced by Corey Williams. LaJaye' is a hard working musician, performer as he is in the Pulpit. Dr. LaJaye' Britt
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