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In 1991, I had cliqued up with my cousin, Lil Mack (Charlie McAdoo II) who had a vision of working with music and arts following his older brother, Ron Mc (Leron McAdoo). That following year Backyard Enterprises was formed and including several performing artists such as myself: Ahmad (2001 Ahmobbin Rec., unreleased “Hip Hop Phenomenon”, “Jantre – In2itionz”), Lil Mack the bodysnatcher (“Lyrical Homicide”, “AUC’s Finest mixtape), Ron Mc (“Street Scene Offsprings series and “Sly”). In 1992, Backyard Enterprises was becoming a well-known name in Little Rock and began performing and opening underground hip hop shows for other unknown and well known acts to come and perform. As for me personally I began working on Ahmobbin Records and the establishment of alliance with Backyard Enterprises, working along with my family and crew I began learn more about the music, advertising, and the art of performance. A couple of years passed and we were still working on music and upcoming artists, but I had began to want a studio of my own so I didn’t have to depend on my cousin all the time for help so after slowing piecing my studio and company together I had began to search for a different concept and another name. The Backyard Enterprise family had came back together for a group discussion and to discuss new venues and ventures for the enterprise and to be able to have other artists such as ourselves to come together on a common ground. Finally, in 2003 the took form and Ahmobbin Records\CrownMuzikEnt would soon follow after the suite, now designing web pages, comic books, computers, clothing apparel, automotive, poetry, art gallery openings (mediums), consulting, artwork and more music but now writing about realistic things and life compared to a group of junior high and high school meeting up after school and having a freestyle session while waiting for our transportation home. -jantre crownmuzik ent

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