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TAZZ MILANO Brooklyn breed artist Tazz Milano , started rapping at the age of 13, but didn't record his first song until the age of 15. Tazz was inspired by the lites of Mob Deep , Biggie Smalls , Wu tang, and other MC's who ruled in the 90's. Though this is the music Tazz grew up on, his style varies sonically, style, and flow wise, making it difficult to even know who his musical inspirations are. This is because Tazz sticks to the roots of being a MC, with the main factor of being original. Tazz is destined to bring a different energy and vibe to the rap game. TAZZ MILANO'S STYLE OF MUSIC Tazz describes his music's style in 3 words .. Utopian, hippie, and wild. Tazz's music is a reflection of him as a person, free spirited, optimistic, and "turnt to the max", quotes of himself. His aim in music is to bring an energy that will touch listeners in a positive way, making them feel a cloud nine / seventh heaven effect. ORIGINS OF TAZZ MILANO Tazz was a nickname given to him in his younger days in perspective of being a wild boy. After growing and developing his own innovative style in fashion , the last name Milano fell into effect, completing the brand.. TAZZ MILANO TAZZ MILANO'S CREDITS Throughout Tazz Milano's career, he has had the pleasure of working under Bert Padell as his investor during his prior signing to an independent label. Tazz has also featured on many blog sites and has had a spread written about him in Hip-hop weekly magazine. Ironically on the cover of this issue Tazz featured in, his idle, Biggie Smalls was front page. In connections, Tazz was interviewed by the legendary Cynthia Horner. Tazz has worked with producer/song writer Edrick Miles (producer/co writter of bottoms up, black roses by Trey songs, also co writer and producer for many other industry artist). On Tazz's new project "C L O U D S" Tazz features a track (L.A.X) by the well credited J Eagle Music who produced for the likes of Eminiem, Flo Rider, Taio Cruz, Melanie Fiona, etc.

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