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Tre A. Wright, stage name "Trevon" is a very talented young man and has great potential of being the next teen sensation. He may not have the highest grades in the class room, but outside of school he's the best Terry Wright ( father ) and Tamara Corkum ( mother ) raised him to be. Tre has always loved listening to music on the radio and even singing and or rapping along with the song. I his mother remember one day tre telling me "Mom i'm going to be on the radio one day" and to this day he still doesn't forget to tell me that one day he will be on the radio. Tre is a very talented human, he's also a quick learner. Ever since he could kick a ball he's loved soccer and even till this day he plays with a club soccer in calgary alberta. Tre is always a positive and greatful person. One of his favorite quotes is from kung fu panda "yesterday is history tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift thats why we call it the present." He lives off that quote to forget his past and look forward to tomorrow. With the support of God, Family and Friends tre is influenced enough to push himself to his full potential.
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