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I'm a underground rapper By the name of Curt-Strike, which is short for Curtis Striker. I'm from the Southside of Atlanta, and I'm looking to crush the block this summer with my new Mixtape "Da-Strikin-Truth", Over 100,000 views in 1month on led me to pursue music a bit more seriously. I'm educated, dedicated, and raised in the streets so every bar is accurately depicted through rhythmic catchy lingo. Music is my passion and always have been just didn't know when and how to approach the world . Originally I intended on being underground but recently I found myself knocking on labels door reaching for a mil. My truth isn't your truth and my real isn't your real but great minds think alike, but no one can be Curt-Strike" After being underground for a decade the next step for me in my rap career will be, nurturing my growing fan base with more A-1 product. I keep my ears to the streets and live up to the expectations of my followers in the streets. I always been uplifting and precise with words, and I consider myself as a "rock in a hard place". My tracks consist of unusual word play and a layer of intense drum patterns and then I sprinkle it with a thick southern dialect.

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