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My name is Vraja Krishna Das. I was born in Bulgaria in 1973 and have moved to South Africa since 1996. I studied music as a child in my home town of Sliven, Bulgaria and later as teen became member of very popular bands from the stage of my home town-such as Meloman, Eclipse, Big Kahuna,Aeroplane, Black Box etc... In 1998 I contunied studying music at the University of Cape Town, South Africa and at that time I learned more about composition and song writing(although I've always been writing songs =) there is always more to learn. In 1997 I became very much interested in the process of Bhakti yoga and I began practicing Bhakti meditation. My music and life style changed as with the progress of my world view. I became vegetarian and since I practice Bhakti yoga I avoid any type of intoxicants(incl.tea and coffee). I never liked smoking either. Since it turns the lungs into a rubbish dump. I always wanted to live a wonderful life and I discovered like many people these days, that our unhealthy habits are the very reason for why we are so unhappy and unhealthy these days. The Bhakti process helped me to achieve that positive life-style that brought tremendous transformation in my life. Another thing is that I wanted to write and produce conscious music... music with uplifting messages and sound. That makes the heart bounce in joy and peace. The result of that is our first album"Songs of Love in Devotion" released earlier in January 2012. The aim of the album is to encourage people's lost Divine aspirations and replace the materialistic aspirations which unfortunatelly have become our very focus as a civilization. Vraj&Friends is a multi-member band with many international musicians from South Africa, Mozambique, India, Australia, New Zealand&Bulgaria...We started playing together since 2008. Welcome to the Divine World of Bhakti via "Songs of Love in Devotion". Best wishes and thank you for supporting us. with Love, Vraja Krsna das =)

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