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Brandon Jones also known as Rab Jones, is a music artist out of the small town of Donalsonville, Ga. The name Rab was giving to him at a young age by his friends and family. With his passion and heart into his music, he has the talent to turn heads and be quickly known in the music entertainment business. He was born on Sep. 26 1989. His love for music started around the age of 14 and hasn’t stopped since. He was always trying to better his self by working hard and trying to be the best in whatever he was doing, if it was writing music or making instrumentals. Rab Jones music genre is Hip Hop with a little more flavor. Right now he just dropped his second mix tape called "E 6th Street" that is up for donwload on datpiff. He has worked with a couple upcoming artist on his mix tape such as Gooogle Man, Ayo Kee, and members of his group Six Ten Music Group. The group members consist of artist that grew up with him. Rab Jones was a member of Purp Ent but parted ways and started concentrating on his own career and goals. With promo starting and a growing fan base, Rab Jones is constantly being known for his music. With radio play from DaGr8 FM, his fan base started to grow right in front of his eyes. With a lot of hard work put into his mix tape, it should be an instant hit and open eyes to the music entertainment business.

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