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Veronica Burrell AKA OriginalV33Bars was born in Indio California. Like most underground artists she had a rough child hood. There was no stability in her life what so ever. The only thing that remained stable was her love for knowledge. Because she moved around so much she started school at a late age. She wasn’t really in school until about the 3rd grade. She began reading in about the first grade, and that’s only because her auntie Clorina hated doing her homework; while she wished more than anything to go to school and have homework like all the rest of the kids it didn’t happen how she intended. In turn her auntie began doing her homework for her. She taught her how to read and she instantly fell in love with books. She would read the same books over and over again because she had nothing else to do. She began writing poetry in 3rd grade. She was constantly moving from motel to shelter, and the only thing that remained the same is her love for literature (OriginalV33Bars started G.A.T.E classes in elementary, and carried Honors/AP classes throughout high school.), and her newfound glory which was poetry. In 2011 she began to turn her poetry into music and gained an edge creatively over her peers. She grew up listening to some of the best Busta Rhymes, Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliott, Aaliyah, Tupac, and many artists like those artists who bring back the most memories. She would really like for you all to get to know her through her music. OriginalV33Bars would like for you all to listen to the lyrics of music not just skim through it. OriginalV33Bars wants her lyrics to mean as much to you as they do to her. She put her heart into a lot of these songs you see before you and they’re real life stories at that. We all love reality right? Then stay tuned for more exclusive up-dates from OrginalV33Bars!

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