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Black Reign-Parker Brovas Made up of 2 members of the Baltimore based New Test family (Krym and Mic Jac) and new edition (DaVinci Barz). Black Reign promises a hard hitting lyrical assault on the eardrums of it's listeners. With a full spectrum of concepts and just for the F#@! of it mc slaughter songs, Black Reign is guaranteed to excite fans of the laid back chill vibe with songs such as "South Beach" as well as the more hardcore fans of the destruction of weak mc's alike. Definitely a well rounded group that never got the recognition they deserved. The Big Bang Theory (1999-2000), By Storm (2001), and The Reign Continues (2002-2003), were three of the best unsigned works of their time! If it's music you're looking for, Black Reign-Parker Brovas is definitely where you will find it. The Reign is Coming (to be released later this year) is set to take the hip hop world "By Storm" as these "Three Kings" take their music to a "Whole 'Nother Level" with a focus on lyrics that is just uncommon in the industry and is another shot in the arm for the sick and dying art of rap.
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The Reign Is Coming
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