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AUTOBIOGRAPHY "AL DEEZY" "ALEX RAHSANN REID" was born in 'Ponotoc, Miss.', July 17,1977. Mother "MATTIE REID", she's the baby sister of a family of 16. In a small town in'Mississippi State', is where they were raised. 'AL DEEZY' also have a younger sister, "ERICA S. REID". She was born in 'Dallas, Texas' Febuary 24,1979. Two years after the birth of "AL DEEZY", his mother met his younger sister's father 'Leonard Thompson'. They moved to 'Los Angeles, California, in '1979' after his sister was born, where he was raised on the "WESTCOAST", "WATTS, CALIFORNIA". "AL DEEZY" was 3 years old when his mother moved to the "William Nickerson Gardens", Public Housing Projects. He grew up in the projects all his life, where he spent majority of his pass time making music. He started harminizing words (rapping) at the age of 5 years old. At the age of 10 years old, he was recording his very own songs, on a "Sony" cassette recorder, where he would reloop the ending of a 'Hot' artist beat that was playing on ('K- DAY RADIO') station back in the year of '1987'. He believe he 'inheirted' a musical incline passion for music, his mother was a (singer & song writter), his father "ED HARRIS" also was musically inclined. He was a 'very famous' disjockey on the big time (radio staion)s, in 'Mississippi State' & several other States for many many of years. Everybody know him as "KINDNESS ED". He was killed in the year of "1994". After "AL DEEZY"s father pasted he decided to create his own Entertainment Company. By the year of "1998" "AL DEEZY" created and produced his first 12 song cd. Everybody called him "ALD" as he grew up. He produced numerious track/beat(s) for countless of (talented) underground artist who were (rapping & creating) their 'own music' as he was. So he changed his name ('Rap Artist/Producer/Song Writter') to be known as "AL DEEZY". He called himself "AL DEEZY", because he 'PUT THE SEASON ON IT', when it comes to him making very (creative/unique) music from scratch, plus he 'Make It Look Easy'. "AL DEEZY" is currently '41' years old, He is C.E.O. of "One Hundred Watts Entertainment" 100 WATTS ENT. Music Group which is an (Independent Entertainment Company), he founded in the year of "1999". Which is ia an (15) year old (Independent Entertainment Company), and still growing.
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