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"Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment Would you capture it or just let it slip?" Lose Yourself; Marshall Mathers, Luis Resto, Jeff Bass (2002) Most rappers rhyme about the "street", 13 calls the streets home. You see, the former US Army soldier and Bronx rapper is homeless. 13 was discovered by independent record label Goomba Music while an A & R rep was casually searching the web for artists. Now, 13 has his one shot. Will he "capture it, or just let it slip"? Most rappers rhyme about the "street", 13 calls the streets home. You see, the former US Army soldier and Bronx rapper is homeless. 13 was born in Buffalo, NY. At the tender age of 4-months he was fostered by his Grandmother and they moved to the South Bronx. A troubled child, he was placed into a group home at the age of 13 where he began to realize and to face the harsh realities of life. After stints in and out of the group home, he lived in a car for most of his teen years. He chose the street life over school and dropped out just six months short of graduation. After living with some friends who took him in, 13 reconciled with his mother and moved in with her. During this time 13 acquired his G.E.D. A falling out between mother and child led 13 back to living on the streets. His Grandmother offered to take him in if he agreed to take college courses. He agreed and two years later he received his Computer Technician Diploma, then he received his Associates Degree in Networking Security & Computer Information Technology. Lifestyle choices led 13 back to homelessness and he was in and out of shelters for a few years. A prolific writer, 13 was able to capture his experiences on paper. These notes became song lyrics. In 2008, he entered and won a contest landing him on Manhattan Rappers MIMS album MIMS Open Bars CD, released by American King Music on Dec 04, 2011 with a track called Vroom Vroom (Produced by Super Producer Lex Luger) From 2009 until 2012, 13 was able to scrounge enough money to record several songs that he placed on Reverb Nation. It was there that Goomba Music heard him and offered him a recording contract. 13's debut offering, "Thirteen" is a blistering look into the mind of a desperate person. His style is reminiscent of Eminem, and as his idol, 13 spits the truth, his truth. The lead single, "Remember Me" recalls the harsh realities of living on the streets and the hope of a new tomorrow. Throughout "Thirteen", the listener cannot help but become engaged with 13's storytelling. Maybe it was bad luck that led 13 to become homeless. Perhaps it was a tough childhood. Perhaps it was lifestyle choices. Regardless of the past, 13 now has his chance to continue his journey. Will he "capture it or just let it slip"?
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