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Born and raised in Austin, Texas - 28 Year old Joseph "Chaotic King" Moore is one of the hottest artist in Texas. He is a phenomenal Lyricist and the way he bends music is to die for. Started writing his own music at the age of 15 and begin recording at the age of 18. Even though his life had its ups and downs he never gave up the heart and desire to create his own sound. His music shows it as well. Jo “Chaotic King” Moore “ I started writing music when I was 15. I wasn’t the best artist there was at that age but I could definitely bust a flow and make you feel it. Growing up was difficult so I had a lot of feelings built up inside that I wanted to express an music was the way. I would grab the black and white composition book and go in. Over the years from 15-19 I had shows little to no support but it never stopped me or prevented the passion that I had to be an artist. Between 20-25 I had to stop doing music for a while because I actually had to be an adult but it was always a talent that I knew I would come back to. Jan of 2018 I lost my bestfriend to the end of a bullet (RIP ZANE ELIJAH GILDON) after that the only thing on my mind was its either this or that. SO NOW!!! I’m on a mission and I WONT STOP!!! THIS IS FOR ME and HIM!!! LETS GO!!

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