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Fordablok, the name says it all. The Lower East Side Native has finally found his niche in this world. Originally known as C-note, Fordablok found himself, The name alone represents Loyalty, Growth and Dedication. To his Family, friends and Neighborhood. Fordablok has been perfecting his craft as an mc since he was 12 years old. Gaining influence from the music of legendary artists Kool G.Rap, Jay-z, and Nas.Fordablok is hoping to be acknowledged as one of these greats and bring substance back to Hip-Hop. More importantly, he striving to produce music that people can relate to. "I am an observer of life. i look at things and break life down in various ways. Thats why i am always writing: there''s so much to write about." "Dreams are just doorways to the future all you gotta do is turn the key" -Fordablok-

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