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NAME=david brown/elusive HOMETOWN=chicago MUSIC=rap/hip-hop/r&b SKILLS=making beats,writing and producing. first i would like to say that i am here to get feedback so if you all have anything to say about my music good or not so good,i want to hear it!.as long as it is not inspired by hate then im cool.! all that i want,is to make good music and to have a network of people who want the same. if it's one thing that chicago taught me,it's to make sure you serve the best or don't expect to succeed! i put alot of work into every track i produce,i've had a few bumps on my way to what i am now but i want to be much more. experience is the best teacher so i just try to stay on my grind. making beats is something i love to do!so the thought of doing it for a living is like a reoccurring dream that i can never stop having. writing is another thing i love,i can write for me or others if i need to! i work with cubase but i will be steeping up to protools real soon!. mac is the computer of choice,alone side my rokit 6 speakers running throw my lexicon lamda
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