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Deep in the piney woods of East Texas, there is a mentality of blue collar hard work that permeates throughout the culture and music. Here, everything is paid for in dedication and work-ethic. Raised in this culture by two blue collar entrepreneurs as parents, AirBorn903 has put the entire “903” area code on a serious music wave. From his days of an early youth in the music industry, AirBorn has rocked shows all across Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Arkansas, New Mexico, Kansas, Missouri and Florida. AirBorn903 has single handedly forced the level of music expression and output in his area to increase ten fold. AirBorn’s approaching to the hip-hop game in 2020 is dynamic and has already secured his place in the discussion as Best East Texas Rapper with hits such as Trapped in My Mind , W.G.W. (White Girl Wasted) [feat. FatBoy] and Slipped Away on his self titled project AirBorn903. AirBorn’s persona tape, also his latest project Texaz Kid: The Takeover displayed the East Texas Rapper’s sense of humor, personality and set the standard for what you should expect from his growth as an artist with hits such as Patience, Cool With That and Time Is Money. AirBorn is planning to release another album in the early months of 2020, followed by a collaboration project with fellow East Texas artist FatBoy Unlimited.

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