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i was in & out of the hospital 3 mos.I was on a breather and other machines.I was fed through tubes and couldnt even use a bedpan.Later on I was in a coma 3 weeks.Shit even when transferred out of ICU I could barely use a walker.At 1 point I found it hard to even push the button to call the nurse.Nurses fought for my life everyday.I had a trake cut so I could breathe.I thought I would never rap again.After they got me off the breather in the 1st hospital & recovered they sent me to Marine Recon boot camp & sent me OVER THERE WTF?!Thats when I got injured I think.its all kind of hazy.But I do remember flashes of driving a tank!!NOW i'M BACK!CHECK THIS OUT! "FRONTLINES" (cover art designed by myself) #neverboughtabeat #unsignedhype #LIVIN ALSO CHECK OUT PLEASE IF U FIND IT INTERESTING OR ENTERTAINING IN ANY WAY LIKE/COMMENT/SHARE!COMMENTS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED! MUCH LOVE ~Apac :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) - See more at:
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