coast 2 coast
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Bengazi born in Rochester, NY Started my own group in my early years of rappin FGK (Father General Kings) 5 mixtapes done Fgk Vol: 1 Fgk Vol: 2 Bengazi world order/ Dj Quan Da Bomb Bengazi the world is ours/ Dj QUAN Da Bomb All eyes on me after death/ Dj Quan Da Bomb & 4 Albums (done): 2001 Double Album (AoA) Attack on America/America Strikes Back (book 1 & book 2) 2018 Album: The Brigade/Killah9 2021 Album: Stolen Legacy 2021 Album: First 58 Bengazi is what rap is coming back to & with Bengazi raspy voice that commands your attention and versatile lyrical style with from a new-york perspective & southern appeal makes Bengazi distinguishable, marketable and unstoppable above all the rest. It's Bengazi music!!

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