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News RnB 15/04/2021 Thrilling Hooks And Intoxicating Melodies With Big A NEW YORK (Top40 Charts) Mesmerizing verses, textures and skillful beat, with strokes of indie elements tied to each composition create the sound of the new R&B and Hip-Hop artist Big A. The singer-songwriter, producer, and CEO of his independent label, Diamond Krew Productions, has written and released his latest single 'Faze' in 2021, along multiple collaborations with other dynamic and upcoming names in hip-hop. These collaborations include 'WAY Now?' by ShiKage ft. Big A, 'Back End' by JuiceMane Laflare ft. Big A, and the hit single 'Quarantino' by Big A, Bobby, Dee, and Mous. 'Faze' was written and performed by Big A, with some of the recordings done over the phone, showcasing the sheer diligence and artistry that he brings to the industry. Breathing life into a new concept and genre with each release, Big A generates a fresh flow and a stunning melody that gets you hooked with each subsequent listen. 'I actually play just about any instrument, I have always had this gift and I'm very thankful for it,' says Big A. 'I really love to put my real emotions in my lyrics so my fans can really relate to my songs...' Big A furthers his course by mastering emotionally-rich and contemporary Hip-Hop and R&B styles. By integrating an array of details from indie rap and old-school cypher styles, laced with hardcore hooks, alternative beats and mind-blowing wordplays, he provides his listeners with addictive and hypnotic compositions that keep them pressing replay. Big A is ready to become a big name in the industry, aiming to complete setting up his label and flourishing full time. He also wishes to tour this spring, sharing his voice and story to many more listeners around the world. At the end of this year, he wishes to grow his label, sign to a proper management, and build his way up to the top. 'Faze' is available to stream on Spotify, with all of Big A's other collaborations also featured on his main page, and connect with him through his YouTube and Instagram pages. Arren Nunn, professionally known as Big A, started off his journey as a rapper at the age of 26 in Connersville, Indiana. Inspired by the thrilling technique of Juice Wrld and other mainstream names in the Hip-Hop game, Big A aspired to create his own name and highlight his versatility for the world to hear. After launching his own label, Diamond Krew Productions, he worked on multiple collaborations with uprising artists and expanded his scope, finally releasing a single in 2021 titled 'Faze.' Big A describes his craft as multifaceted, with a complex and hype vibe to his discography, cleverly-written melodies, piercing verses, and dynamic genres to give the his listeners a taste of his broad range and talent

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