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Tim Kellams is a rapper, musician & entertainer. He is mostly known for his music & rant videos about controversial subjects. If Tim isn't in the recording studio, you can find him getting things off his chest in front of a camera...and not being shy about it. Tim's following seems to be attracted to his "be yourself" personality. He openly struggles with Depression & Anxiety, but does all that he can to shed light on the mental illnesses. You can hear it in his lyrics and see it in his posts. ? At a young age, Tim knew that he wanted to get into music. For the majority of his childhood and up to his teenage years, Tim's father would take him to concerts. He was able to witness legendary bands such as Kiss, Motley Crew, Aerosmith and Def Leppard, just to name a few. Seeing these live concerts, made Tim fall in love with the energy and the performance that music had to offer. As he got older, Tim realized that he wasn't the best singer and couldn't play an instrument. He then decided to give rapping a try, being that it was still a form of music that he could create. As time went by, Tim built his own recording studio in his room, at the age of 15. Once he realized that people listened to his music and liked his music, it was time to take the next step. Around the age of 16, Tim started performing live in concerts. It was a dream come true. From this point forward, Tim knew that he wanted to make music & performing his career of choice. He now spends his life, writing and recording songs and touring on the road. ? "I want everyone to know that perfect people are not real...and real people are not perfect. It is possible to embrace your inner demons and turn them into art. I could have let all of my struggles and hardships destroy me...but instead, I allowed them to motivate me. Life will get hard. When life gets hard, you push back HARDER. Never let go." ? - Tim Kellams

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