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BIRDY GUNZ (Also known as "Indiana Prince") was born and raised in Gary Indiana. Though, never having much, he always felt home in the streets and survived a rough life. Gunz moved to the West Coast in 2008 to further his music career and achieve his goals. He has worked with Big Mo from Stray Shot Recs, Tha Jewler from HPE, D-Edge (CEO Xquisit Recs/Str8 Slammin/CTE), Lil Menace (CEO of Bottomside Recs) and also has a FREE mixtape available for download @ which was hosted by DJ Gemstarr from Shadyville. Birdy Gunz also recorded two tracks with Shyheim from Staten Island that is heating up the streets right now entitled "Project Life" and "Success" which also features D-Edge and OvaDose (previously from The Grind Family). After releasing a mixtape with Shadyville/Flood, Birdy jumped at the opportunity to be featured on Eminem''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s mixtape "Destroy Your Speakers" and Jim Jones''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s latest mixtape "Criminal Minded" and also a 4th installment both of which feature artists such as: Lil'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Wayne, Jadakiss, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Maino and more! Birdy Gunz is currently in the studio working with Eyesee Enterprises, which is currently partnered with multi-platinum producer Toxic/Universal Music Publishing. Birdy Gunz is going hard for the Midwest!

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